P92FE 和 P92FEW-舰队锻造安装锚


Fleet P92FE and P92FEW Forged Erection Anchors are designed with safe working loads of 3T, 6T, and 10T. The anchor is designed with an erection head, square shaft and round 'SL style' foot. There is one length for each tonnage available.  The P92FE anchor has a notch in each side to accommodate a shear bar for shear conditions. In each anchor, there are two holes which a tension bar or rebar can be utilized for greater load capacities.  The P92FEW Forged Erection Anchor with Shear Plate eliminates the need for a shear bar. The P92FE and P92FEW anchors are stocked in a plain finish and can be galvanized locally.
  • 锻造设计创造了比冲压锚更高的承载能力, 可能会导致更少的锚要求的20%%
  • 面板边缘吊装用安装头设计, 混凝土无剥落
  • 锚与加盖锚一样厚度和宽度, 使用 std P99 凹槽零件
  • 负载匹配现有的 P91 硬件, 不需要新硬件
  • 每插入吨位一长, 所需库存少
  • 可提供普通或镀锌, 满足不生锈的需要
产品代码 包装
127518 3吨 8.00 "热浸洗 GALV。
143421 6吨 10.44 "热浸洗 GALV。
143423 10吨 12.56 "热浸洗 GALV。
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