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About Us

Who's responsible for the HHW Resource Exchange?

The USEPA Region 7 Solid Waste Program provided grant money to the Pollution Prevention Regional Information Center to produce the site.

The members of the North American Hazardous Materials Managers Association provided invaluable assistance in the production.

The Region 7 Solid Waste Program initiated and operated a listserv for the Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) community for several years. The listserv provided institutional memory and shared experiences that aided subscribers in the understanding and improvement of HHW operations.

The project that resulted in this site seeks to enhance this communication among HHW professionals by adding several features.

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We invite your feedback for this site and all of the features of
Household Hazardous Waste Resource Exchange.
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University of Nebraska at Omaha, RH308,
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E-mail your comments to: contact@p2ric.org.

This site is hosted by the Pollution Prevention Regional Information Center (P2ric).